Best Cell Phone Car Mounts in 2020

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Aug 14, 2021

Best Cell Phone Car Mounts in 2020

Driving with your GPS Just Got Easier.

We’ve all been there: You’re driving, you need directions, but there isn’t anywhere to put your phone to see your GPS. What do you do? Risk your life and look at your phone? Or get lost?

What different types of Cell Phone Car Mount are there?

The two most popular types of car mounts are Windshield Car Mounts and Magnetic Car Mounts. Both Mounts will securely hold your device at eye-level while you’re driving. However, there are many different kinds of Cell Phone Car Mounts out there. Agoz sells two different kinds: A 360 Windshield Car Mount, and a Magnetic Air Vent Cell Phone Mount.

Is the Agoz 360 Windshield Car Phone Holder Safe to Use with My Device?

Yes, all Agoz products are safe for all devices. All parts in the 360 Windshield Car Phone Holder are crafted with durability, security, and accessibility in mind. The Clamp that comes with the Agoz 360 Windshield Car features a soft, interior lining, which will hold your phone in place securely without scratching or damaging it. The Heavy-Duty Suction Cup on the Windshield Phone Holder is crafted with the stickiest materials that can cling to any surface inside of your car.

What is a Magnetic Car Mount?

A Magnetic Car Mount is another way to secure your phone while you’re driving. There are different kinds of Magnetic Car Mounts, but all of them hold your device by a magnetic pull. Magnetic Car Mounts are typically easy to install and are smaller than Car Mount Holders with a suction cup.

Overall, Cell Phone Car Mounts are a great tool to use in your car. Car Mounts allow you to view your phone at eye level while you’re on the road, so you can monitor your navigation system with ease. Whether you’d like to secure your phone to your dashboard or to your car’s air vent, Agoz has reliable, 360 solutions to fit your needs.

Buy Car Phone Holders at AgozTech

Are you looking for a car phone holder? Maybe you are looking for a safe and convenient navigation solution after using your hands for years. At AgozTech, we stock a range of car phone holders to suit most phone models and are committed to producing high-quality tech products you can use confidently. Whether you prefer to mount your phone on your air vent or windshield, we have a phone holder for you. If you have any inquiries about our products or would like some recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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