Getting Earpieces To Fit Properly

One of the biggest struggles that music lovers have to endure is to fit earpieces firmly in the ears so as to get the best out of your music player. Ill-fitting ear-pieces not only distort the sound of your music but also keep falling off thus proving to be a nuisance. If you get ill-fitting earpieces, they may also chaff your skin and even cause skin irritation. For all these reasons, it pays to get your earpieces to fit properly. Fortunately, Agoz Earbud Headphones offer solid, stable connectivity, and stellar noise-cancelling features.

If you are still wondering how to get earpieces to fit properly, here are some tips that may help.

Get the Size and Material Right

This is an obvious starting place when you are looking to get the right earpieces. If you get the size wrong, the earpieces won’t fit no matter what. Earpieces can be large, small, or medium and you should figure out what size works best for you. Many people opt to get small ones and then squeeze them in but this comes with some dangers as the earpieces may irritate your skin. You can also try different materials (especially for the tip covers) to see what works best for you.

Keep in mind that many people have slightly different ear sizes so do not be surprised if your two earpieces don’t fit properly on both ears. For most people, this is a minor problem as the differences are not that significant. If they are, however, you may want to consider earpieces of different sizes for your ears.

Fixing Earpieces Properly

For the best sound quality, it is advisable to have the outer rim of the ear wrapped around the tip of the earpiece. You can achieve this by pulling the outer lobe of the ear gently as you ease the earpiece in. This allows the ear to wrap fully around the earpiece and shut out ambient noise. What you need to keep in mind at this point is that any wax blockage in the ear may affect the quality of sound or even how well the earpiece fits. Ensure that you keep your ears as clean as possible and avoid pushing ear wax deeper into the ear.

Loop Any Wires Around the Ear

If you are using earpieces that are connected to your device by cables, a simple and effective hack is to loop the cables around the ear. This is to ensure that the cables are supported and that they don’t pull the earpieces out when they are tagged.

Look for All-weather Earpieces

One of the common culprits when it comes to earpieces falling off your ears is moisture. This can be in the form of rain or sweat if you are working out to the sound of music. All-weather earpieces are ideal for such circumstances as they maintain their grip even when your ear is moist. They are also not damaged by moisture meaning you can take your beach jogs with perfect assurance that the spray from the ocean will not damage your earpieces.

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