How To Carry Your Phone Around When You Don’t Have Pockets

Sometimes when you head out, your outfit might not have pockets. This may make it very hard to carry your phone around, especially if you are used to slipping them in your pocket. It can also be very frustrating to lose your phone if you hold them with your hands but accidentally misplace them. Here are some ways you can carry your phone around, with the help of phone accessories when you do not have pockets. At Agoz, we have a wide variety of cell phone accessories, including Bluetooth headsets, charging cables, phone cases and holders.

Phone Crossbody Bags

These are crossbody bags specially designed to hold your phone. You can sling them over your shoulder and put your phone in the compartment. This also makes holding phones very convenient and can also contribute to the style of the user since it is available in many different kinds of designs as well.


An armband is an elastic worn on the arm, with a compartment to slot your phone in. People normally use this when they are out exercising, so they do not have to carry an additional bag with them. Armbands come in all sorts of sizes and colors, and usually have a hole for the headphone wire to pass through as well. If you are out exercising and do not need many things, you can opt for an armband. It is a very convenient and practical accessory to have and can probably fit both your handphone and your credit card.

Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are another great option. Fanny packs are also known as belt bags and are very convenient as it does not restrict movement. The fanny pack is also big enough for some other things other than your phone, which makes it a practical choice to turn to. You can put other things like your wallet or purse into the fanny pack too. Fanny packs also come in many different colors for you to choose from.

Use a Canvas Case with Clip

The canvas case serves to hold the phone, and with the clip, you will be able to clip it onto your belts and pants and bring your phone wherever you go without a pocket. This is another alternative to a fanny pack if you do not have anything else to bring other than your phone.

Shop Phone Accessories at AgozTech

Looking for practical phone accessories that can help to hold your phone, like a phone crossbody bag or a canvas case with clip? Look no further than AgozTech. We stock such accessories and ensure that they are of a good quality. Feel free to contact us to find out more about our products today!

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