Is It Time To Replace Your Charging Cable?

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April 28, 2021

Is It Time To Replace Your Charging Cable?

We all know that phones need to be replaced every few years – two or so years at the average, and maybe up to five if you take good care of it. The reason for this is not limited to the desire to upgrade to a newer, better model, although newer models do come with more advanced technological features that could solve an existing problem you have with your phone.

Appearance of Your Cable

Is your cable bent or frayed? If so, it’s definitely time to get a replacement. Not only can a visibly damaged cable cause problems with charging, it can also be a safety hazard. If you have ever touched your cable while it is plugged in to a power source, you should not be able to feel anything. However, if the external insulated layer has worn down enough that you can feel an electrical current, throw it out at once.

Feel of Your Phone and Cable

Does your phone or charger feel exceptionally hot to the touch when charging? Is your phone exceptionally warm sometimes, even if you have not been using it for long? If so, this could be an indication that it’s time to replace your charging cable or phone, or both. Although phone batteries do warm up when they are charged, your phone should be able to internalize the heat for the most part. If it feels too warm to the touch, the problem could lie with either your phone or cable, maybe even both. To identify the issue, try charging with a different cable and observe if there is any difference.


If your phone is unresponsive whenever it is plugged in or has suddenly become slow to charge, do not be quick to assume the problem lies with your phone. Your charging cable could be at fault. Nevertheless, it is easier to replace a cable than it is a phone, so if you are unsure where the problem lies, it could be worth it to invest in a new cable and see if your phone’s functionality improves.


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