Sum-Sum- Summer Time!

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Jun 1, 2020

Sum-Sum- Summer Time!


Nothing beats riding down your favorite trail with the warm summer wind in your hair. But, is it safe to bring your smartphone with you on your ride? Here’s a great idea on how to keep your phone safe during your rides.

Convenient for Cycling

As temperatures soar into the high 80s and 90s, we all know that summer is here. Time to clear the junk that accumulated around your bike this winter and take it for a ride. Whether you are just biking around the neighborhood or going on a long ride along a trail, nothing compares to the feeling of your legs pumping and the wind blowing through your hair.

Most people take their smartphones with them while they ride, and many cyclists like to use them to navigate on long trips. But how do you keep these devices safe during your ride? You should look into getting an Agoz bike phone holder specifically designed for biking.

Agoz Silicone Bike Holder will securely hold your phone to your handlebars for easy access to your phone.

Easy Access

The Agoz Bike Phone Holder is the perfect solution for keeping your phone securely mounted on your handle bar when you go on a ride. The single molded elastic silicone adjusts to fit any smartphone with screen sizes between 4-6.25 inches. Simply adjust the mounting strap around the handlebar to lock the phone holder in place. Installation time takes 60-90 secs, tops!


Using a smartphone bike mount is the safe and easy way to have access to your mobile device during rides. There’s no need to leave your phone behind. Now, let’s kick up your kickstand and go for a ride!


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