The Perfect Case for Your Inhaler

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July 23, 2020

The Perfect Case for Your Inhaler

Spring is almost here! You know what that means: more activities. Sports, carnivals, vacations, and graduations are coming up. Although we can’t develop a solution for seasonal allergies (we wish we could!), we have developed an easy way to carry your asthma inhaler or medication: the Agoz Protective Carrying Case with Wrist Strap.

Quality Materials

Carrying around an asthma inhaler 24/7 can get annoying, especially if your outfit doesn’t have pockets. If it does have pockets, keeping the asthma inhaler in there could be awkward, too. The Agoz Storage Carrying Case with Strap is the perfect size for asthma inhalers. The case is made from anti-shock EVA materials, and it is water resistant. The case is lightweight, easy to carry, and can fit small items perfectly. It’s a great solution for carrying around your asthma inhaler/allergy medicine. The Agoz asthma inhaler case is soft and easy to open in an emergency such as an asthma attack. It’ll protect your asthma inhaler from germs, dirt, dust, and accidental discharge of your asthma.

Agoz Hard Protective Carrying Case and Storage Pouch is made from high quality, water resistant, anti-shock EVA materials.


Even if you don’t have asthma or seasonal allergies, the Agoz Carrying Case is useful for carrying other medications, too. Do you know someone who has to take medications each day at a certain time? Stop planning your outings around your medication schedule. It’s not fair to you! Safely place your medication in the Agoz Medicine Carrying Pouch and throw it in your bag, or wear it around your wrist. Carrying the case in your purse will ensure that children won’t get to the case and that the medication remains safe and confined.


The Agoz Zipper Pill Case is great to use on its own, or with another bag. For example, if you’re headed to an concert or just a walk in the park with friends, there’s no need to bring your purse with you, just the necessities. One of them being your inhaler, of course. It’s large enough to fit the asthma inhaler, but it’s small enough to not take up a lot of space. The case comes in three colors: white and blue, red and black, and orange and black. The choice is yours.

The Agoz Medicine Travel Case is priced at an affordable price of under $10. Did you ever lose your asthma inhaler? Or thought you lost it? That’s one of the scariest feelings in the world, especially if you need it in an emergency. Don’t let that happen again with the Agoz Protective Carrying Case.


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