The Perfect Crossbody Bag

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May 29, 2021

The Perfect Crossbody Bag


Picture this: You’re grocery shopping, and you’re at the cash register about to pay for your groceries. You can’t find your wallet in your big purse, and you’re holding up the line by trying to find it. The cashier doesn’t mind, but you’re embarrassed for taking so long. People are starting to get annoyed! A smaller bag could solve this issue: The Agoz Crossbody.

Serves as A Pocket

Finding a perfect bag that goes with every outfit AND fits your daily necessities is extremely difficult. If your purse is too heavy, it can seriously hurt your back and shoulders. And guess what? When you’re out running errands, you don’t really have a choice but to carry the heavy purse. Where are you going to put it? In the shopping cart that’s covered with germs?

Agoz Unisex Crossbody Bag lets you easily access and carry your gear.

Keep Everything in One Place

Having a small bag that matches every outfit, doesn’t break the bank, and is easy to carry can be very beneficial to your life. The Agoz Crossbody holds your belongings safely while keeping everything secure. The two double-stitched pockets will perfectly fit your phone, sunglasses, wallet, hand sanitizer, and other small necessities you bring with you everywhere. It’s also water resistant! No more rummaging through your giant purse to find that one item.

The Agoz Crossbody bag is small enough to carry anywhere, but big enough to fit your daily necessities. Gone are the days of debating on putting your purse on the floor or on the table at a restaurant. The adjustable strap means you can wear the bag however you'd like! You can wear it on your shoulder, across your body, or even as a fanny pack.

Insurance Against Falls

The best part about the Agoz Crossbody is how versatile it is. It can truly match any outfit! You can throw it over your shoulder if you’re running late for work or if you’re going out for a walk with your dog. Either way, be assured that the Agoz Crossbody will look great no matter what.

Being handsfree while out running errands can completely change the game for you. You’ll have more control over the shopping cart and the kids, and you can take a breath knowing that your precious belongings are right by your side. Also, you’re keeping germs away by not letting the Agoz Crossbody touch your shopping cart! You can adjust the strap to be however long or tight you’d like to ease your mind further about pick pocketers.


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