Understanding USB-C Charging Capabilities

Despite the advancement of technology, we are still getting frustrated by the lack of power for our mobile devices. With different kinds of ports, inputs and outputs, we tend to get confused by the ever-changing world of charging and connector cables. Being able to charge your devices quickly can mean the difference between scrambling to find the nearest power outlet or hours of care-free use. Nowadays, USB-C fast charging cables have been the go-to standard for all of our android changing needs. It can be inserted either way, as its plug is symmetrical, eliminating the annoyance of earlier USB ports. Being built on second generation USB 3.1 data transfer standard, USB-C can deliver data speeds up to 10Gbps and they are able to charge devices up to 20 times faster.

Using USB-C Fast Charging Cables

These cables are designed to carry more power than its previous adaptation. USB-C supports USB Power Delivery which enhances charging rates. Because of USB Power Delivery, USB-C cables are able to support up to 100 watts of power. This allows USB-C cables to charge larger devices. Because of this technology, USB-C charging becomes more powerful. As long as your mobile devices have a USB-C charging port, be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop, it will certainly support fast charging. You will also need a wall adapter that supports high wattages. Many smartphone companies ship out standard 5w USB-A chargers, which is not nearly enough to make full use of the USB-C fast charging capabilities. You would want at least a 18w charger or higher, if you are looking to charge larger devices.

How to Choose a Proper USB-C Charging Cable

Manufacturers make it easy for us to get the type of cable we need. The label, branding and description plays an important part when choosing the one that you are going to buy. Because of the thick wires that USB-C cables have, it is believed that the thicker cables are better at charging than the slimmer ones. This is true sometimes, but it is not an effective way to identify a fast-charging cable. However, you should shy away from buying a cheap and ridiculously thin charging cables. To save you the hassle of differentiating a fast-charging cable to a regular one, you should only purchase them from a certified store. Cheap USB-C cables may cause damage to your precious devices when charging, so be sure to choose a store that you can trust.

Buy USB-C Fast Charging Cables at AgozTech

If your smartphone or tablet charges rapidly, then having a fast-charging cable and a fast power adapter is very important. At AgozTech, we carry a wide range of cables and chargers to suit most phone models. All our cables are built and designed to a high standard of quality and we are committed on providing convenient and creative solutions for all your charging needs. If you have any inquiries about our products or would like some recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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