What is MFi Certified?

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If you have ever shopped for a new Lightning cable, you might have heard of

MFi certified cables. You may have also seen that MFi certified cables are

more expensive than non-MFi cables. Here is what 'MFi certified' stands


What is MFi Certified?

Why is MFi certified important?

MFi certified stands for 'Made for iPhone' certified. If you have a MFi certified

cable, it basically means that every lightning connector tells your device it is

Apple MFi Certified. This is really crucial because non-certified MFi cables

are very dangerous for your device. These cables might make your device

extremely hot and cause damage to your phone. Hence, they might cost you

more than the expensive alternatives.


If you see the screen below on your phone, it means that you have a non-

certified MFi cable. Every Agoz Lightning cable is an MFi Certified Lightning Cable.

What is MFi Certified?

Are MFi Certified Cables safe?

Using a non-MFi certified cable does not necessarily mean that it will not

charge your device, however, it will harm your device in the long term. Getting

an MFi certified cable means that you will use your phone as long as possible

without causing any problem to phone itself and not seeing a warning

message on your phone screen as it is shown above.


Agoz MFi certified lightning cables provide you peace of mind. Hence, your

The phone's battery will last longer.

How do I know Agoz is Apple certified?

Agoz is listed as an Apple MFi licensed accessory brand.


You can look it up here: https://mfi.apple.com/MFiWeb/getAPS

What is MFi Certified?


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