Your Guide To Mobile Phone Stands

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MAR 31, 2021

Your Guide To Mobile Phone Stands

There are times when you want to go handsfree with your phone while using it. However, laying your phone flat on the table just doesn’t do the job. This is when a mobile phone stand would save your day. Mobile phone stands are little stands that are dedicated to propping up your mobile device at an ideal angle so you can use your phone or have easy access to it without holding it with your hands. Find out more about this handy little gadget in this guide to mobile phone stands.

Benefits of Using a Mobile Phone Stand

Here are several key benefits of using a mobile phone stand:

  • Comfort - It can be tiring to keep holding the phone while using it. Placing it flat on the table is not an ideal alternative either because you will have to strain your neck to look down at the phone screen. A mobile phone stand can solve the problem by propping up the phone at adjustable angles to meet your comfort.
  • Safety - Comes first when you are driving. With a car mobile phone holder, you can keep your hands free to control the car while referring to directions on the phone.
  • Productivity - Propping your phone up and within reach when you are working on multiple projects can bring convenience and increase productivity.
  • Organization - Using a mobile phone stand means that your phone will now have its designated spot on the desk. This prevents misplacing your phone under stacks of folders, papers, or books.

The Magnetic Air Vent is extremely strong and made from high quality aluminum alloy and liquid silicone.

Different Types of Mobile Phone Stands

There are many different types of mobile phone stands available. These are some of the most popular types:

Retractable stands - They can be attached to the back of a phone. Simply pull out the stand to prop up your phone at a comfortable angle or support your phone when you are holding it.

Ring stands - They are similar to retractable phone stands in that they are also attached to the back of a phone and can be extended when you want to prop your phone up. You can also slot your fingers through the ring for extra grip when you are holding it.

Folding stands - Fold them up when you are not using them. Due to their flat shape, you can easily keep them in the pocket for use later.

Stick-on stands - Hold on to your phone by either suction or adhesives. They are easily removed yet provide adequate support when you are using them.

Auto-mount stands - Designed to be used in cars. You can have a magnetic car phone holder that attaches to your car’s air vent or a windshield car mount phone holder that sticks on your car’s windshield.

Here at AgozTech, we have a variety of mobile phone stands that will bring you convenience and comfort by propping up your phone when you need to go handsfree.


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