About the 1ft USB-C to USB-C Cable Fast Charger for iPhone 15

USB-C connectors are one of the newer USB connectors, but they are debatably the most popular USB cable available today. Its reversible connection means you don’t need to worry about putting the cable in “the right way,” and it has faster-charging speed than other USB cables. 

While the switch to Type-C is great for some, it can just cause confusion for others. Phone companies are starting to give complimentary fast-charging USB-C wall adapters instead of the typical USB-A wall adapter. While you have a new phone, you can’t use any of your old cables with this new wall adapter. That’s where the USB-C to USB-C cable comes in handy.

The Agoz 1ft USB-C to USB-C Cable Fast Charger for iPhone 15 is ideal if you have many Type-C devices. The 1ft USB-C to USB-C cable has Type-C connectors on both ends, allowing you to plug your phone into your laptop, or using the Type-C wall adapter that came with your new phone.