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How Can POS Holsters Help Your Retail Staff Increase Their Productivity?

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Feb 24, 2023

How Can POS Holsters Help Your Retail Staff Increase Their Productivity?

Do you run a small retail business? If yes, you must know the significance of your staff's productivity. It is directly proportional to increasing your business's overall bottom line because it ensures better customer experiences, boosted sales, and improved brand reputation.

Retail businesses that leverage advanced technologies perform better than their competitors. For example, incorporating mobile POS devices is an excellent way to streamline your business operations and ensure your staff remains productive throughout the day. Research shows mobile POS devices can increase staff productivity by preventing manual processes and automating operations. So this allows your staff to serve customers efficiently and reliably. In fact, retail businesses that use POS devices experience a whopping 42% increase in sales.

According to KWI, 48% of retailers and their staff prefer mobile POS devices, and about 62% of employees say these devices streamline their day-to-day tasks. However, POS devices are expensive, requiring optimal protection from workplace hazards.For instance, POS devices are prone to damage when carried around by your retail staff. Mishandling or dropping the device can cause cracked screens, damaged buttons, wear and tear, and impairment.

Similarly, these devices are prone to dirt, dust, moisture, and high temperatures. So, you must invest in protective products like holsters to prevent POS devices from damage, increase their overall lifespan, and boost your staff's productivity.

Today's article will discuss how premium-quality holsters by AgozTech can increase your retail staff productivity. Read on!

Improved Safety

A high-quality holster made of the canvas provides an extra layer of protection against scratches, bumps, impacts, and other damages that can cause the POS device to malfunction.

While you can find dozens of brands and hundreds of products, nothing matches the quality of POS holsters offered by AgozTech, allowing your staff to protect the device against dirt, dust, debris, moisture, drops, etc.

AgozTech offers a wide selection of high quality scanner and pos cases with belt clip and other accessories.

Increased convenience is synonymous with productivity, boosting sales, improving customer experience, and enhancing brand recognition/reputation. The good news is that you can achieve these goals through mobile POS devices.

However, carrying a POS device without a holster make it challenging for your staff to streamline daily tasks. For example, when the device slips out of your employee's hand or pocket, it can experience damage. Likewise, most employees find it cumbersome to stop dealing with customers and pick the POS from the ground.

So, this can lead to poor experiences, especially when your staff is in the middle of helping customers. AgozTech POS holsters are highly convenient products, allowing your staff to wear them on their waist or clip them onto a belt, making the devices easily accessible.

POS devices allow retail staff to move around the shop/company/facility and serve customers efficiently and reliably. However, carrying a POS device without a holster can limit mobility and cause discomfort for your staff.

Therefore, investing in a premium-quality holster is essential to improve your employees' mobility around the store, protect the device from wear and tear or impacts, and ensure your staff assists customers quickly without feeling discomforted by the POS.

Efficient, error-free, and fast checkout times provide customers with reliable experiences. Not only do customers trust your business, but they also return to purchase more products.

Statistical data shows that retail stores focusing on improved customer experiences perform better than their competitors and increase their revenues by 8%. We recommend investing in POS holsters to accelerate the checkout process and make it easier for your staff to access the device, scan products, and streamline the process.

Remember, your staff can easily access a holstered POS device, scan items, and complete the transaction without juggling it with both hands. So this reduces wait times, optimizes the checkout process, and improves customer satisfaction.

Many retailers, including small-medium businesses, leverage cutting-edge technologies like mobile POS systems/devices to improve their day-to-day operations and increase employees' productivity. However, these expensive devices can take a toll on your finances when not maintained or protected from daily wear and tear, moisture, humidity, temperature, etc. A holster is a reliable product that protects the POS device from various damages and ensures it is secure and easily accessible.

Check out the AgozTech collection of unique, premium-quality, durable, ergonomically reliable, and cost-effective holsters for POS devices, or call us today for more information!


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