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Should You Get A Belt Clip Phone Case?

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May 3, 2021

Should You Get A Phone Case?


Belt clip phone cases may be less common nowadays, however there is much to be said for this handy storage pouch. If you are like most people, chances are, you carry your smart phone everywhere you go and require it to be on hand to receive incoming calls and messages.

Why Get A Phone Case?

People experience lots of problems daily with keeping our phones in pockets. However, it has become so normalized that we often do not give them a second thought. Below are some of the common problems with keeping your phone in your pocket:

  • You most likely take your phone out when sitting down – nobody likes to sit on their phones. This leaves it prone to being misplaced or forgotten.
  • If your phone is larger than your pocket, which is the case with most of the newer models, such as Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus, keeping it in your back pocket can make it a target for pickpocketing.
  • This is particularly true for women: not every outfit comes with a pocket. When that is the case, you could be holding your phone all day or be rummaging in your bag every time you need it.

Agoz Unisex Crossbody Bag lets you easily access and carry your gear.

Benefits of Belt Clip Phone Cases

Below are some reasons you should consider getting a belt clip phone case:

  • They are durable and functional. Besides being located conveniently and comfortably – even when seated – belt clip phone cases add a layer of protection to your phone.
  • They can be used to store other valuable items such as credit cards. If you go for a model with additional storage compartments, you can easily carry around your money and cards with you, all in one.
  • It is difficult to misplace. What are the chances of your belt clip phone case dislodging itself or being left behind? Almost next to zero. You will never have to frantically pat down your pockets to check that your phone is still there anymore.

Insurance Against Falls

If you take a lot of photos or videos in your phone, especially from high altitudes, you may be worried about dropping your phone during such instances. Even under normal circumstances, most of us drop our phones from time to time. A crossbody phone case provides insurance against such accidents – even if you do happen to drop your phone, it is caught by the sling around your neck and that is the furthest it can go: suspended in mid-air.


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