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Top Tips To Choose Barcode Scanner Holsters For Your Business

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Jul 21, 2021

Top Tips To Choose Barcode Scanner Holsters For Your Business


Commonly used in the retail and wholesale trade industries and warehouse inventory management, barcode scanners are hand-held devices that are connected to a terminal and transmit data as when a single barcode is scanned. Its purpose to read the information embedded in a barcode. It is a device used for efficient organization. Barcodes scanners are essential for many workers, for placing customers and company’s inventory. That is why it is important that these barcode scanners are properly taken care of, and the need for a barcode scanner holster will come in handy.

Size and Model is Important

The first consideration to take note of is the size and model of the barcode scanner itself. While there are several style and design, the scanner holster’s main job is to hold down that scanner in place. The best place I put it at is about waist high, without your hand supporting it. This means that you will the correct shape and size to match your company’s barcode scanner model. Most scanner manufacturers will assist you in matching your scanner model to the right holster. You have to make sure that the holster is a good fit for your scanner, for maximum comfortability.

Fastening Features of a Scanner Holster

Now let us talk about how to secure the scanner in the holster. Most barcode scanner holster are open-top and it fits comfortably in that space. This works well for someone who spends most of their time walking or standing. But if you are reaching or climbing, an open-top design will not be enough. There are many kinds of holster that have a fold and snap panel. This will lock down your barcode scanner into place while you are doing any work requiring the use of a ladder. Get a holster that include a loop for a tether. This will ensure that your barcode scanner will never fall to the ground or get left behind and forgotten. You will have ease of mind, knowing that your scanner is safely with you at all times.

Belt or Clip Connection

Traditionally, a scanner holster sits on a utility belt as a hip-mounted item. Apart from looking good, a belt clip can hold the holster in place but it can potentially, fall off if not secured properly. As workers move around and deal with customers and inventories, this might happen. As for a belt loop, it is a little weaker as it is not made out of metal, but it is much more secure, as it cannot be slip off if you accidentally push your holster forward. There are other variety of clips available for you to consider at your own merit.


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