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Understanding MFi Certified Cables

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July 21, 2021

Understanding MFi Certified Cables

Today, we have become dependent on mobile technology due to the convenience and entertainment that they offer. A common problem faced by people nowadays is their phones running out of battery faster than expected. This means that some people have to charge their phones continuously throughout the day. These are all due to the low performance of your non-MFi charging cables.

MFi Certified Cables Explained

MFi is the acronym for made for iPhone/iPod or iPad.

It is a process where producers of different accessories for Apple devices must go through. Then, Apple will approve them. It is a complicated process. But when the product is MFi certified, it can be safely used.

On the other hand, you should avoid buying Lightning cables from cheap corner stores. As most or all of them are not MFi-certified. These cables can cause damages to your mobile phone itself.

Risks Of Non-MFi Certified Cables?

  • A bad cable can damage your device
  • Not a good fit for your charging port
  • It could even damage the battery of your phone
  • Damages to your battery caused by overheating
  • High possibility that the cable is not a good fit for your charging port
  • Your phone could not be charging properly

Benefits of MFi Certified Cables

  • Quality: A MFi certified cable could cause more. However, one should keep in mind that quality should be over quantity. One of the reasons why MFi-certified accessories are more expensive when compared to those uncertified as manufacturers need to pay to obtain the license to produce these accessories. The other factors are the usage of better materials and higher quality in the manufacturing process. These will ensure the high quality of the accessories. Using non-MFi certified cables will result in the cancellation of your warranty.
  • Hazards: The system will control the voltage of the power source based on Apple's official standards. Then, damages will not be caused by overheating, overvoltage, or even poor charging. Charging will cut off if something were to go wrong.

Our MFi Cable Recommendations

MFi Certified USB-C to Lightning Right-Angle iPhone Cable

  • Charges very fast
  • Speed: 480 Mbps Data Transfer Speed
  • Compatible on all iOS devices
  • Available in different lengths: 4ft,6ft,10ft

MFi Certified USB-C to Lightning Fast Charging iPhone Cable

  • Quick power boost
  • Able to sync photos and videos with your computer at a faster speed
  • Extreme durability


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