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AgozTech Accessories Make Restaurant Workers’ Jobs Easier With Their New Product Line

The innovative line includes a range of POS cases and aprons, all of which are crafted from durable, high-performance materials and feature smart design elements aimed at streamlining tasks for foodservice professionals..... Click for more

AgozTech Releases Highly Protective Heavy-Duty Holsters Designed for Frontline Workers

AgozTech, a leading provider of heavy-duty holsters, has announced the launch of a new line of cases built to protect expensive devices carried by frontline workers. With AgozTech's.... Click for more

6 Best Zebra Scanner Holsters & Cases 2023

If your business describes the tracking of goods or the entire transaction that takes place in connection with certain orders, then you certainly cannot imagine your business without a mobile scanner... Click for more

3 Best Honeywell Scanner Holsters 2023

The scanner is one of the more important pieces of equipment for large shops. Walking back and forth to check an item for customers can be very exhausting and ineffective... Click for more

5 Best Barcode Scanner Holsters & Cases 2023

A barcode scanner is essential to collect and examine the data included in a bar code. You can find barcode scanning devices at shopping centers, retail stores, warehouses, etc... Click for more

8 Simple Rules to Follow When Using a Two-Way Radio

We all use smartphone devices, which is one of the main reasons why we forget that a lot of people utilize two-way radios for a wide range of things. In fact, they remain the most essential piece of equipment for law enforcement, emergency personnel, storehouse managers, as well as security officers... Click for more

7 Things to Look for when Buying a Two-Way Radio

Although we were all intrigued by the walkie-talkies as children, they are an essential piece of equipment in many fields. As a device that offers unobstructed communication, military services, as well as construction works, cannot be imagined without a two-way radio... Click for more

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