Black Silicone Bike Phone Holder Mount for Google

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About the Black Silicone Bike Phone Holder Mount for Google

Are you an avid bike rider? Carrying your phone around while your biking can be complicated. Unless you have a basket attached to your bike’s handlebars, having easy access to your phone is tricky that’s why we have designed a simple and well-made solution for riders. The Agoz Silicone Bike Phone Holder Mount will securely hold your phone to your handlebars for easy access to text messages, phone calls, and navigation.


The Agoz Silicone Bike Phone Holder Mount is designed to fit on a ½ to 1 ¾ inch width handlebar. It can fit on a bike, a stroller, motorcycles, and even a scooter.


The Agoz Silicone Bike Phone Holder Mount is made from one high-quality silicone piece, so it doesn’t have multiple parts that can break.Unlike plastic bike holders, the silicone is shock absorbent and will protect your device while you enjoy your ride on smooth paved road and even off road. The soft silicone material will protect your device from scratches, and its sturdy strap will make sure your phone doesn’t fall off your bike’s handlebar.


The Agoz Silicone Bike Phone Holder Mount does not block any of your phone’s functions like the headphone jack and the charging port. It’s easy to install and will fit all smart phones measuring 4 inches to 6.25 inches. You can even put it on your shopping cart to avoid having to take it in and out of your pocket. Enjoy your time outdoors knowing that your device is safe and within eye sight.

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iPhone SE 2020

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Galaxy A70

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Moto G Stylus

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Moto Z4

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One Hyper

Universal Bike Holder

Will hold any device measuring 4inches - 6.25 inches

100% shock-absorbent material

Doesn’t block phone’s screen or buttons

No-tool installation needed


Premium Quality

The Agoz Silicone Bike Phone Holder Mount is designed to keep your phone safe and sturdy while you’re biking. The Bike Phone Mount is 100% shock absorbent and can withstand rough terrain, unlike plastic bike mounts. It can be attached to any bike, motorcycle, scooter, or shopping cart, and will fit phones up to 6.25 inches.


Using the Agoz Silicone Bike Phone Holder Mount is simple. First, place the Phone Holder on your bike. Wrap the strap around the handlebar, place the strap inside the mount, and secure until the strap is tight on your handlebars. Attach your phone by moving the silicone grips securely over your device, and enjoy your ride . The phone holder is small enough to tuck it into your pocket when you aren’t using it.

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