Camo USB C Cable Fast Charger for iPad

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About the Camo USB C Cable Fast Charger for iPad

USB C charging cables are exploding in popularity. Of course, there’s a reason: it’s a simple connector that is compatible with numerous devices. The connector was developed to help fix the faults of the USB-A cable. The small Type C connector is about the same size as a -USB connector, however, the connector itself is reversible and doesn’t need to go into the port a certain way. USB Type C cables have a 100 watt, a 20-volt connection which makes it faster than past cables and able to support larger devices. It’s expected for USB C cables to replace USB-A cables completely in the upcoming years.


The Agoz Camo USB C Cable Fast Charger for iPad will charge your phone faster than most cables; It has a charging/data transfer speed of 480 Mbps! The built-in smart IC control and 56K resistor will protect your phone from overcharge and short-circuit. Cables that don’t have these features could possibly “fry” your phone.


The Agoz Camo USB C Cable Fast Charger is extremely durable. It is built with a 5mm nylon braided jacket, which protects the inside wires from breaking. Also, Camo USB C Cable Fast Charger can be bent over 4,000 times without any damage! We know your charger is one of the most important accessories in your life. The Camo USB C Cable Fast Charger for iPad will charge your phone safely and quickly, from wherever you are in the room.


Agoz Camouflage cables are safe for all devices. The Camo USB C Cable Fast Charger is available in 4ft, 6ft, and 10ft.

Fast Charging

Available in 4ft, 6ft, and 10ft

4,000+ bend lifespan

Reversible Type-C Connector

Camouflage Design

Built-in 56K resistor with smart IC control

Premium Quality

The Agoz Premium Type-C Fast Charging Cable is made with your device’s best interest in mind. It’s created with a 5mm durable nylon braided jacket which ensures the inside wires stay safe. The Fast Charger Cable features a smart IC control and a built in 56K resistor which protects your device from overcharging.


Using the Agoz Camouflage USB-C Cable Fast Charger is simple. Plug in the USB-A connector to any fast charging USB-A port, and plug in the reversible USB-C side to your compatible device. Fast charging activated!

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