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About the True Wireless Stereo Headphones

Your earbuds are with you wherever you go. Whether you listen to your favorite podcast on your commute to work or want to tune out the noise around you, headphones are essential to your happiness. Wireless earphones are much smaller and easier to carry than a standard pair of wired headphones. The Agoz True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earbuds provides the highest quality sound while being easy to use and easy to connect to your device.


The Agoz Wireless Earbuds are available in both black and white, and will work with any device with a Bluetooth feature. The Agoz TWS Headset comes with a rechargeable case that will keep your earbuds charged and ready to go. The Agoz Wireless Earbuds provides up to 4 hours of uninterrupted music and up to 60 hours of standby time.


The Agoz TWS Headset can be used for more than listening to music, of course. You can use the Agoz Wireless Earbuds to make calls, skip songs, adjust the volume level, and wake up Siri. All of these features can be done with a simple tap on the earbud.


Using and charging the Agoz TWS Earbuds is easy. Charge the charging case before using them for the first time with the micro USB cable that comes with your earbuds.


To pair the headset to your phone for the first time, make sure your phone is on, and turn on the Bluetooth switch on the headset. The headset will attempt to automatically connect to your device, and two lights on the earbuds will flash while it’s pairing. Once it’s successfully paired, the red light will stop flashing. On your device, select the “Agoz TWS Headset” and connect the headphones. You can use one earbud if desired as well; either earbud can be used alone as a Bluetooth headset. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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Compatible with all Bluetooth Devices

High Quality Sound

Adjust volume, make calls, and wake up Siri

Available in white and black

Comes with Charger Case

Intuitive Touch Interface

Premium Quality

The Agoz TWS Headset provides Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Quality and has a 30ft connectivity radius. With a standby time of 60 hours and a playback time of 4-5 hours, the Agoz TWS Headset will provide you music without having to charge it constantly. When it’s time to to charge, simply place the earbuds in the charging case.


Agoz True Wireless Earbuds have a sensitive touch sensor, which makes using them very easy. With the intuitive touch interface feature, the earbuds will respond to the lightest tap. Tapping on the earbud is how you can pause your song, activate Siri, or adjust the volume.


TWS stands for True Wireless Stereo, a new technology that can transfer sound to two audio devices via Bluetooth. Before TWS technology, headphones had to be connected to a device via a wire or a plug-in.


There are many features of the Agoz Wireless Earbuds, including making phone calls, waking up Siri, and skipping songs on a playlist.


To answer a phone call, tap once on either earbud. To avoid or deny a call, tap either earbud for 1.5 seconds. To hang up the call, tap the earbud once while the call is still in session. To redial the most recent call, double tap the right earbud.


To play music, choose the song from your device that you want to play. Tap any earbud once to pause, tap and hold the left earbud twice to go back, and tap and hold the right earbud to skip and go to the next song.


To wake Siri, tap any earbud three times.


If you’d like to increase the volume, press the button on the right Headset 4 times. Press the button on the left Headset 4 times to decrease the volume.


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