Best Way To Carry Your Mobile Phone While Cycling

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Feb 3, 2021

Best Way To Carry Your Mobile Phone While Cycling


Did you know there are twice as many bicycles in the world as cars? Cycling has so many benefits that help us become healthier individuals. The good news is that now we don’t even have to disconnect from our devices to enjoy this great exercise! Here are a few good reasons to start biking while you stay connected.

Convenient for Cycling

As many can agree, cycling is a very fun outdoor activity that gets you moving and exercising. It can also bring you some relaxation. As you remain in consistent movement you are burning down many calories. Studies have proved that in one hour you can lose from 400 to 1000 calories. However, sometimes you may need an extra push to ride that bike. Many of us enjoy listening to music or a podcast while working out. The Agoz TWS Headset and Bike Phone holder are great accessories to stay entertained while biking.

Agoz Silicone Bike Holder will securely hold your phone to your handlebars for easy access to your phone.

Easy Access

The amazing features of this holder reflect on the silicone material that will hold your phone so secure that it will not slip off. This holder is perfectly adjustable and can hold a phone from 4inches - 6.25 inches. Simple to place and easy to use! There is no need to worry about anything covering or blocking your phone buttons or headphone jacks. Have easy access for recording, calling, texting, and playing music. Do both things at the same time, workout, and be connected. Not knowing where to put your device can be very frustrating but this holder will allow you to set your phone on the handle and you are set. Trying to make an Instagram live or trying to join a video call with friends? You can now do many things at once and enjoy a healthy ride.

Must Phone Accessory

A brain is more than a muscle, 60% of your brain is considered “fat”. So can you exercise your muscles? When you work out, in this case when you cycle you are doing good to your body and mind. Of course, you may need some music or a motivational audiobook to keep that adrenaline going. You don’t have to stop listening to your favorite podcast, music, or audiobook while biking. The Agoz Rotatable Phone holder is a great companion while you work out to keep your body and mind in excellent shape.


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