The Best Rugged Case for Zebra Scanners of 2020

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Jun 1, 2020

The Best Rugged Case for Zebra Scanners of 2020


Your Zebra Mobile Computer is one of the most important tools you use at your job. It’s a combination of your workplace databases with the usability of a smartphone. If you work in retail, manufacturing, transportation, sales, or in a warehouse, you may be familiar with Zebra devices. You use it to scan barcodes, QR codes, and to connect with other Zebra devices.

Rugged Protection

Zebra mobile computers are built to withstand drops and falls, but you can never be too careful. Dropping your mobile computer on a job site can postpone a job and cost your company thousands of dollars. Having the perfect case to hold your Zebra Mobile Computer can increase productivity, lower anxiety surrounding damaging a workplace device, and makes the scanner more accessible to the worker. Disadvantages? None.

The Zebra Mobile Computer is imperative to your business. Your workers use it every day to get basic tasks done! Without the mobile computer, however, those basic tasks turn into tedious tasks. It’s always better to be safe than sorry - get an Agoz Zebra Canvas Case with Card Holder today.

Heavy-Duty Material

Before looking for a Zebra computer case, consider your needs first. Are you looking for a case to solely protect your device? Would you like more perks to having the case, such as a belt clip or a belt loop? A case should always be protective, secure, and will keep your phone safe. Make sure the case you choose for your Zebra scanner has a soft interior lining, a secure closing, and will make your life easier, not more difficult.

Belt Clip for Easy Access

Do you often forget where you put your scanner? Scrambling around your truck trying to find it and praying it’s not lost? The Zebra TC77 Case, Holster with Card Holder features a belt clip for easy access to your device. Clip it to your pants and don’t worry about losing it. The case also has vertical and horizontal belt clips, so you can loop the case through your belt whichever way you’d like. The front buckle adds an extra level of security, especially when the case is clipped to your belt. Additionally, there is a credit card / ID slot holder to keep your most important information safe and secure.

Features Velcro Closure

The Agoz Zebra TC26 Case, Holster with Card Holder will protect your device in all working conditions. The case is specifically created to protect your device. It’s made from a rugged exterior and features a scratch-proof soft interior where the mobile computer is housed. The cover securely Velcro to the front of the case, and the front buckle secures your device in place. Even if you want to wear your scanner horizontally on your belt, the front buckle will protect your mobile computer from falling.


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