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5 Reasons a Clover Screen Protector Is a Must-Have For Your Restaurant?

5 Reasons a Clover Screen Protector Is a Must-Have For Your Restaurant?

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Apr, 21 2023

5 Reasons a Clover Screen Protector Is a Must-Have For Your Restaurant?

Clover handheld POS is prone to scratches, humidity, temperature, bumps, falls, slips, and wear & tear. So, how do you make the most of Clover POS? The answer is to invest in a premium-quality and cost-effective Clover screen protector by AgozTech. Today's article will discuss five reasons to buy the Clover screen protector for your restaurant's POS devices.

Ultra-Impact Protection with Tempered Glass

AgozTech is a reputable U.S.-based brand that offers a wide range of products, including a premium-quality clover screen protector. Unlike most brands and products, AgozTech's Clover screen protector has two times more durability, strength, and sturdiness, thanks to the industrial-quality tempered glass material.

Your staff works in a fast-paced environment, especially if you have more guests during peak hours. The chances are that your staff accidentally drops Clover POS, or spills/splashes can damage the device's screen.

Likewise, dirt and dust can accumulate on the POS screen, making it difficult for your staff to achieve seamless touchscreen functionality. Remember, cleaning the device's screen becomes challenging for your team.

So, this is where AgozTech's Clover POS Screen protector comes into play, protecting the device from dirt, dust, and harmful scratches. The 2x durable tempered glass construction can absorb the impact shock and ensure the POS device does not crack or break.

AgozTech offers a wide selection of high quality Clover POS handheld accessories.

Unlike other screen protectors available on the market have no moisture or water-resistant capabilities, AgozTech's Clover screen protector is an excellent product for safeguarding the POS device from accidental water spills.

For example, during peak hours, your staff will rush to take orders and deliver food to tables. If one of the staff members spills a glass of water on the POS, the device will malfunction. So, this can compromise your restaurant's staff efficiency and productivity. At the same time, this can decrease customer satisfaction.

The good news is that the Clover screen protector can prevent water or moisture from penetrating the POS screen, protecting it from damage and preventing disruptions to your restaurant's operations.

AgozTech's Clover screen protector perfectly fits your restaurant's POS screen, providing full coverage and protection. It is easy to install on the screen without leaving gaps and exposed areas. Thus, it protects the screen from dirt, dust, scratches, and other damage occurring during everyday use.

On the other hand, choosing a product too small or too large will interfere with the POS's touchscreen sensitivity, preventing your staff from taking orders or processing payments quickly. Therefore, investing in a product that perfectly fits the POS screen is an informed decision for restaurants to increase productivity.


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