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5 Reasons to Invest in Zebra Screen Protectors for Your Scanner

5 Reasons to Invest in Zebra Screen Protectors for Your Scanner

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Apr, 21 2023

5 Reasons to Invest in Zebra Screen Protectors for Your Scanner

It uses cutting-edge imaging technology to scan and decode barcodes, allowing you to track, analyze, and manage inventory or make transactions. The primary objective of using a high-quality zebra scanner is to improve operational efficiency.

Although a zebra scanner has a durable and efficient design, the screens are vulnerable to dirt, dust, wear and tear, smudges, scratches, cracks, etc. However, you can install a screen protector to protect the zebra scanner from these damages.

Precision Touch Sensitivity

In addition to durability and strength, AgozTech's tempered glass screen protector has a flat and smooth surface, allowing your employees to achieve precise touch sensitivity. It improves your finger's glide and accuracy on the scanner's touchscreen.

So, you or your employees can efficiently use the zebra scanner without committing errors. Besides, the zebra scanner's display remains visible and bright after applying AgozTech's protector, improving touchscreen inputs' speed and accuracy. Thus, this is directly proportional to increasing productivity at the workplace.

AgozTech offers a wide selection of high quality Zebra scanner accessories.

The use of a zebra scanner depends on a company's requirements. For instance, when using the device outdoors, you will experience damage from water, moisture, temperature/heat, rain, and snow.

Bear in mind that exposure to water or moisture can cause the zebra scanner to malfunction, leading to inefficiency and downtime. For example, you run a cold storage facility, and one of your workers accidentally drops the scanner into a puddle of water.

In that case, water will seep into the scanner's internal components and cause short circuits or corrosion. However, applying a premium-quality zebra screen protector made of tempered glass can reduce the risk of water or moisture damage and make the device function optimally for an extended period.

AgozTech's zebra scanner protector is a premium-quality product made of tempered glass material. According to Scientific American, manufacturers create tempered glass by heating regular glass at higher temperatures and cooling it rapidly to create a durable product with high strength.

So this makes AgozTech's zebra scanner protector resistant to shocks from impacts, falls, and slips. The protector absorbs and distributes force evenly across the zebra scanner screen, making it less likely to crack or break.


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