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Phone Holsters Are The Best Way To Carry Your Phone Around

For those of us who learned the lesson the hard way, please be advised – a phone holster is the best way to transport your phone from point A to point B. You want it accessible but secure.

There are numerous reasons, including the fact that phone holsters make it less conspicuous that you're actually wearing a phone. But wait – there's more. For men or women, if you're wearing pants, it's just a great way to carry your phone around!

Truth be told, a phone holster can actually improve your life. Here's why…

Ever Sit on Your Phone?

Particularly for those giant phones, sitting on your phone can be uncomfortable, to say the least. Additionally, however, those giant phones were prone to breakage if you sat on them just right. Today's phones are smaller so it's not that much of a problem. With steel casings and being mere millimeters thin, with modern phones, just the weight of sitting on them probably won't matter that much. Comfort is, however, still an issue.

Ever Leave Your Phone Sitting Somewhere?

If you carried your phone in your pocket and wanted to sit down comfortably and without worry of damage, you may have removed your phone. Now it's on the table or bar in front of you and you stand every chance of getting up, walking away, and leaving your phone behind. We are quite sure that we don't have to introduce you to all the problems to be encountered by losing a phone! It's as bad as – if not worse than – losing your credit card.

Changing Fashions

Depending on what you wear and how closely you stick with the fashions, the clothing you go with may not be particularly conducive to pocket carrying where your phone is concerned. You can clip a holster on almost anywhere, if need be. Going to the beach? Clip your holster to the shoulder of your shirt if you are just looking to wade in waist deep.

Easy Access

There's nothing like trying to dig through your purse, your gym bag, or backpack, to answer the phone that has been ringing for some time now. If it's clipped in a holster, you simply have to reach down, grab it, and say "Hello". 

Even if you keep it in the breast pocket of your jacket, it adds weight to one side. This ruins the hang of your clothing and can also create unsightly bulges.

Shop for Phone Cases at AgozTech

Of course, in addition to phone holsters to wear on your clothing, there are numerous types of cases for today's phones. Don’t worry; all of Agoz’s phone cases and holsters are designed provide easy access to your mobile devices whether you are in a meeting or on the move.

At AgozTech, we have the latest in phone holsters and cases. Agoz combines fashion with functionality and never drop, misplace, or lose your phone again.

Can't find what you're looking for? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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