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Why Should You Use A Bicycle Phone Holder?

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Jul 21, 2021

Why Should You Use A Bicycle Phone Holder?


Smartphones have become increasingly useful throughout the decade. It is all thanks to their user-friendly navigation applications. With the increased need to use your mobile phones during your cycling sessions, you should consider mounting your phones to your bikes.

Why Use a Bicycle Phone Holder?

Many of us have grown inseparable from our phones. So, it will make sense to bring along our phones while cycling. Below are some of the key reasons why you should mount a bicycle phone holder:

  • Safety

Biking itself is not at all dangerous. However, emergencies do happen. For example, your bike’s tire could be punctured by a sharp object while you were biking. It then enables you to call for help anytime as your phone is within your reach.

  • Navigation

You will not want to get lost in the mountains or the forests. The use of navigation applications will help you determine the fastest routes to get to your destination. These applications will even enable you to find a new cycle path. You could also download bike tracking apps to track the distance you have biked. Can you imagine the great danger holding onto your phone while cycling will cause you? Well, the phone mounted onto your bicycle will enable you to navigate your way towards your destination so much easier.

  • Accessibility

Are you always on-call for your job? Then you will need a bicycle phone holder when biking. You can stay connected to your friends and families while staying on-call for your boss.

Agoz Silicone Bike Holder will securely hold your phone to your handlebars for easy access to your phone.

Qualities To Look Out for When Choosing for A Bicycle Phone Holder

  • Durability: You will want to ensure that your phone is stable and secured onto your bicycle.
  • Versatility: Is your bicycle phone holder adjustable? Is there a certain height or angle you will want your bicycle phone holder to be?
  • Ease of Use: Phone mounts should not be complicated to attach or detach from your bicycle.

Benefits of Our Silicone Bicycle Phone Holder

Below are several reasons why you should consider using our silicone bike phone holder:

  • It is a universal bike holder.
  • It will hold any device measuring from 4 inches to 6.25 inches.
  • Made from a fully shock-absorbent material.
  • It does not block any parts of your screen or any buttons of your phone.
  • No tool needed when installing.
  • It is adjustable according to your height.


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