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Don’t Sweat it this Summer!

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June 1, 2020

Don’t Sweat it this Summer!


Whether you are a novice or advanced runner, summertime can be a challenge, especially when you want to bring your phone with you on a run. Here’s a tip to keeping you in stride all summer long.

Spring has sprung. The grass and leaves are green now. As the daylight grow longer and the mercury rises, we know that summer is around the corner. There is no better season than summer to enjoy being outdoors.

Will It Fit Me and My Phone?

However, if you are a runner, summer can present a major challenge. If you run with a phone during the summer, you know the struggle. Holding your smartphone with sweaty palms from a long run can be a real headache when beads of sweat building up on the screen, making the touchscreen unusable. Or how about when wires from your headphones get tangled and pull out of your ear just as you are getting ready to pick up the pace. Plus, there’s always the risk of dropping your phone on the road or any hard surface.

Agoz Armband Phone Holder is a perfect addition to your running or workout accessories!

Is It Waterproofand Headphone Friendly?

Luckily, the armband has been around ever since runners needed an ergonomic and safe way to run with their phones. By bringing your smartphone along, you can listen to music, podcasts, and have the ability to share an Instagram-worthy shot when the moment arises. If you’re looking for a way to run with your phone hands-free, and still want easy access to all of your favorite apps, a running armband is ideal.

Does It Have Interior Pockets?

The Agoz Armband Cell Phone Holder offers all the benefits of being able to bring your phone on a run at a price point that’ll have your wallet dancing for joy. For under $10, you can now enjoy running all summer long with your phone safely secured in an Agoz Armband Cell Phone Holder. Made from lightweight, sweat resistant Neoprene material, the armband phone holder is adjustable and fits comfortably on your arm as you engage with the terrain.


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