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Different Types Of Phone Holders

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Jul 21, 2021

Different Types Of Phone Holders

Mobile phones have evolved drastically over the years, coming with a whole host of features we now cannot imagine doing without. As we increasingly come to depend on our phones as cameras and navigators, phone holders became an accessory that made life a whole lot easier, especially when in a car. Or you may be looking for a desk phone holder to enable you to watch movies hands-free. Regardless of the specific type of phone holder you are looking for, you can find it at AgozTech.

Desk Phone Holders

As implied by its name, these phone holders are meant to be used on a desk. They are excellent for numerous applications, including watching an instructional video when cooking or baking, keeping your screen easily visible while multitasking, and many more. Our adjustable desk phone holder at AgozTech clips onto your desk, and you can adjust the neck to where you need it to be. User-friendly and durable, this handy unit will give you one less thing to worry about!

Bike Phone Holders

Whether you are just going for a leisurely ride around the neighbourhood or training for an upcoming race, you will benefit from a bike phone holder. These units are easily attachable to your handlebar, placing them strategically for navigation or filming purposes. Many cyclists choose to get a bike phone holder to enable themselves to ride hands-free without compromising on what they need to do, be it finding their way around or filming a video of their surroundings. Ensure your safety with a bike phone holder today!

Car Phone Holders

There are many different types of car phone holders on the market today. All drivers know how important it is never to take your hand off the steering wheel. To manage navigation, film a video, or get your daily dose of infotainment, a car phone holder will serve your purposes perfectly. Below are some common types of car phone holders:

  • Windshield mount holders: Do you frequently need to access your phone’s GPS function while driving? If so, a windshield mount holder positions your phone directly at eye level without taking your focus off the road.
  • Suction holders: Suction holders are versatile and can be positioned anywhere on your car as long as they hold securely.
  • Air vent holders: These holders clip onto the air vent and are perfect if you don’t need to have your screen at eye level. The model we stock at AgozTech attaches to your car vent with the use of a strong magnet.

Buy Phone Holders at AgozTech

Whether you are in need of a phone holder for your car, bike or desk, look no further than AgozTech as your one-stop shop. All our products are designed with the latest technology and made to last, giving you peace of mind. If you have any inquiries about our products or would like a recommendation, please feel free to contact us today.


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