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Are You Planning To Buy A Earphone Carrying Case?

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The Different Materials of Earphone Cases

There are different kinds of materials used to create an earphone carrying case. Leather pouches or cases offer convenient maximum practically. They have magnetic latches, which makes them easy to use by taking out and placing in the earphones. The disadvantage of it is that it does not offer much protection. Earphone cases made of leather are often the most luxurious and best-looking ones on the market but as said before, they are prone to damage. Leather is definitely a more fragile material than metal or plastic. These leather cases also tend to be priced at the higher end.

Agoz Hard Protective Carrying Case and Storage Pouch is made from high quality, water resistant, anti-shock EVA materials.

Metal Cases

Metal cases offer the best isolation. They are sturdy and resistant, thanks to the toughness of this material. They are able to withstand any abuse, but this also depends on the quality of the case. Metal earphone cases are often not as practical as other types of cases, because of the lack of a zip. Usually, these earphone cases are made of two pieces of metal with a silicon ring inside of it, which keeps both pieces together. Although, the price for a metal case is high, it is not as expensive as a leather case.


Mixed-materials earphone cases are made from various materials such as fabric and plastic. These options usually come with a zip, which is definitely more convenient than the other cases mentioned above. These types of cases combined the durability and resistance of metal cases and the practicality of the leather ones. They also offer good protection but cannot withstand hard impacts. Some of these cases do feature internal pouches for storing of ear tips and other accessories. It adds some usefulness without having to compromise space. As a plus, these cases are affordable, ranging from cheap to slightly expensive. With the best prices and good performance, this is a good starting point for anyone who is looking for a case.

EVA Material

Another popular material being used for earphone cases is EVA material. It is an elastomeric polymer, that makes the material which feel rubber-like. Its softness and flexibility make this material a good choice for earphones cases. AgozTech Hard Protective Carrying Case and Storage Pouch is an excellent way to carry your precious earphone. With its light-weightlessness and being water resistant, it is perfect for any small items that you may want to store. Inside, it features a scratch-proof lining and a small mesh pocket. This case is made with anti-shock EVA material and is able to withstand large impact and will protect your belongings inside.


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