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Do Not Make These Phone Charging Mistakes

Most mobile phone users are unaware of the charging mistakes that they usually make. This causes them to continue making these errors as they do not know of the potential harm that it causes to their phones. These errors usually end up shortening the lifespan of your mobile phone over the long term. If you would like to understand more regarding phone charging mistakes, take a look at the common faults that most users make.

You Should Not Always Fully Charge Your Mobile Device

If you are someone who constantly charges your mobile device to 100 percent, you should know that you might be damaging your battery’s lifespan. This is because most smartphone batteries usually contain lithium-ion, a type of rechargeable battery. However, you are speeding up the aging process of your smartphone battery by continuously charging your mobile device to the fullest. This in turn causes will cause your mobile phone to degrade as you use it for a long period of time. In most cases, the recommended battery percentage is above 50 percent. Keep in mind that lithium-ion batteries also do not like to be warm, so it is important that you plug it out before the battery heats up.

You Should Not Let Your Battery Die

The thought of charging our phones usually slips our mind especially if we have a busy day going on. Letting your battery run too close to zero is just as bad as constantly charging your mobile device to the fullest. A chemical reaction takes place within the battery when it dies, limiting the capacity of the battery. In the long run, the lifespan of the battery starts to deteriorate faster. Although not much harm is caused to your phone if it dies occasionally, it is still important that you do not intentionally let your phone run out of battery.

You Should Not Use Your Phone While Charging

Most of us love to use our charging phones as we still want to stay connected with the digital world. However, most of us also fail to realize that this drains our phone’s battery while trying to charge it. This leads to overstressing of the battery where the temperature of your smartphone might heat up. In some cases, it might burn and damage your smartphone even more especially if you are using a plastic phone case. If you are looking to charge your mobile device within a short span of time, you could check out our USB-C black/white cable as it offers fast charging.

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