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Ensuring Child Safety Around Earphones

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Jul 21, 2021

Ensuring Child Safety Around Earphones

An increasing number of children and teenagers are using earphones these days. Some parents may be wondering whether earphones are safe for children to use, and the answer is a definite yes. When used properly, child earphone safety can be assured by following a few simple steps. The only thing that can potentially harm your child is if the volume is turned on too loud, and if they are using the earphones for an extended period of time. Read on to find out how you can ensure child earphone safety.

Get Different Pairs of Earphones for Different Activities and Environments

Where and when does your child tend to use their earphones most? Is it on the way to school, on public transport, or at home? This can make a difference in the kind of earphones that is most suitable for their hearing safety. When out and about, many children tend to turn up the volume to block out environmental noise. If that’s the case, a pair of noise-cancelling earphones may be better, allowing them to listen at lower volumes without being disturbed by external noise. An in-ear wireless headset will be best when engaging in physical activity as they don’t move easily as compared to over-the-ear headsets.

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Limit Their Earphone Usage

Unfortunately, an increasing number of children nowadays suffer from premature hearing loss. This is due to constant exposure to loud environmental sounds, and is not necessarily limited to earphones. For instance, traffic noise, crowd sounds at large-scale events and fireworks can all contribute to noise exposure. To this end, you may wish to limit your children’s earphone usage to minimize their exposure to loud noises. Setting an age-appropriate limit and rewarding your child with earphone time is a good way of ensuring they do not come to use them too often.

Do the Listening Test and Educate Your Child

Can you hear what your child is listening to when they have their earphones in? If so, that’s a sure sign that they have the volume turned up too high. Educate your child on the healthiest volume they should be setting their earphones to and explain the signs of hearing loss that can occur. That is, if they are old enough. For younger children, another strategy may need to be adopted.


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