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How To Choose A Micro USB Cable For Charging

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Benefits Of Using a Micro USB Cable

Portable chargers have become a must-have in every bag or purse. No one wants their phone to run out of battery during conversations, especially if they need to be contactable at all times.

Reasons why people carry a micro USB cable around:

  • Weight: These micro USB chargers are lightweight and portable. Hence, they are frequently found in one’s bag. No one has to ever worry about their phones dying in the middle of an important meeting or conversation.
  • Opportunities: A dead phone can also mean missing out on an important interview or opportunity your supervisor plans to hold. Hence, it is essential to include a micro USB cable and a power bank to backup when your phone went flat. So, you will be able to charge your phone as and when you will like.
  • Emergencies: Avoid missing out on any family or work emergencies.
  • Accessibility: If your phone happens to go flat while you are at work, fret not. You can simply charge your mobile device using your micro USB cable.

Check out AgozTech’s Heavy-Duty Fast Micro USB Charger Cable. It is a durable and sturdy option that withstands regular use.

What to Look Out for when Choosing Micro USB Cables

Most of the micro USB cables may look alike. However, they are not the same. Before even purchasing a micro USB cable, there are five main aspects you have to consider:

  • Cable Sheath: This prevents the cable from wearing out and also reduces the chance of the cable breaking.
  • Gauge: The gauge you choose should improve the cable’s strength. It should also allow your device to charge in a shorter amount of time.
  • Ferrite Bead: You should get a good ferrite bead as it ensures that the cable will be high-performance by reducing the noise. It will also improve the speed of data transfer.
  • Strain Relief: It should reduce or even prevent breakage of the cable. It should also prevent the fraying of the cable. The strain relief on the micro USB cable will relieve the strain and prevent damages to the cable.

Your Devices: Besides looking from a technical point of view, you should also consider the type of device you will use the cable for before purchasing. That way, you will be able to buy a suitable micro USB cable.


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