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Sonim XP5

Sonim XP6 Rugged Android Smart Phone in USA



There are no problems with Android smartphones on the market today, but they are difficult tasks to work in the harshest environments, and not everyone can do it. For people who work in these harsh environments, they need a rugged device. AT & T now offers a new robust smartphone that meets more than some military standards called the Sonim XP6.

This device runs the Android operating system and has a physical keypad for searching. Phone operation with gloves can be provided. In addition to the physical keypad, the smartphone also has a touch screen that can be seen bright enough to be exposed to direct sunlight. Although AT & T remains silent about hardware features, it is not a smartphone that can be purchased for hardware performance.

The device makes it affordable to buy MIL-STD 810 G and IP68 is water resistant. It also has a good score for IP69 water spray. The Sonim device has the power to survive at high distances, mud, crush pressure and more when it falls on the concrete. It is said to exceed military standards on 12 rugged performance measurements. XP6 also supports AT & T enhanced bass to the speech network. 

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