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The Best Cell Phone Stand

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Dec 29, 2021

The Best Cell Phone Stand

Your cell phone is always with you. Whether you’re scrolling through social media in bed or trying to cook a new recipe, holding your phone in a way that’s not straining or in your way can be tricky.
Before buying a cell phone stand, you need to make sure it’s able to hold your device. Some holders are designed to hold a phone, but others are designed to hold a tablet. However, no matter what device you have, you need to make sure the Phone Holder is durable, strong, and can adjust to your needs.

What are the uses of the Agoz Gooseneck Phone Holder?

The Agoz Gooseneck Holder can be used for a myriad of reasons. You can attach it to your headboard to hold your phone for you in bed so you can Facetime or watch a video. It can be very tiring to hold a device for more than an hour while making a video call or watching a movie, no need for that anymore. Want to entertain yourself while in the kitchen? Attach the phone holder to your kitchen counter for easy access to recipes on your device. You can be hands-free watching kitchen tutorials while cooking! It is perfect for those office meetings or video conferencing. You can attach the holder to your desk to video chat with coworkers (ideal if you don’t have a webcam) Taking selfies can be very hard when you want to get a certain angle. Placing a cup behind your phone to hold it or your dropping just when you think you got the perfect pose. Agoz Gooseneck holder is the item you need! No need to hold your phone to get the perfect picture. Attach the holder to any surface to take videos and photos on self-timer.  

Agoz Adjustable Desk Phone Holder is built to be sturdy, durable, and easy to use.

How do I install the Agoz Phone Gooseneck Holder?

Follow these instructions to install the Agoz Phone Gooseneck Holder:


  1. Remove all parts from the box.
  2. Uncoil the Gooseneck so that it’s mostly straight.
  3. Place the black connector piece onto the metal ball. Make sure the smaller side of the connector piece is facing towards you.
  4. Attach the Phone Clamp to the metal ball, and secure it to the small connector piece.
  5. Clamp the Heavy Clamp onto any surface.
  6. Place your phone in the Phone Clamp.

How Do I Use the Agoz Gooseneck Phone Holder?

The Agoz Phone Holder comes with 3 parts: The Heavy Clamp with the Gooseneck, the Phone Clamp, and a small black, circular connector.


Once you assembled the Holder, choose the surface you’d like to use the item with. Take the heavy clamp (the one with AGOZ written on it), and attach it to the surface. Coil the Gooseneck to your ideal position. If the Gooseneck is straightened out, it will not hold your phone securely. Secure your device to the phone clamp on the top of the Gooseneck, and that’s it.


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