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Did I Hear Someone Say, “Back to School”?

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July 23, 2020

Did I Hear Someone Say, “Back to School”?

No need to sound the alarm yet. But, as the summer winds down, we know it’s time to switch gears and start getting ready for back to school. In case you’re a freshman or just need a little help, we came up with a college packing list just for you.

To help alleviate your worries, we came up with a basic checklist for the big move:

Charging Cables

We offer Charging Cables in a variety of formats (Micro USB, USB-C), styles (L Shape 90°, Standard, Wearable Bracelet), lengths (4ft, 6ft, or 10ft), and colors (Black / White, Camo) to support your smartphone, tablet, gaming controller, wall adapter or any other compatible mobile device.

Agoz TWS Headphones provides the highest quality sound while being easy to use and connect to your device.

Bluetooth Headset and Earphone

Whether you’re listening to music, talking to friends on the go, gaming over the Internet, or powering through a workout, Agoz has you covered with our complete line of Hands-free Wireless Bluetooth Headsets and Earphones.

Mini Organizer Case for Mobile Accessories

Even if you don’t have asthma or seasonal allergies, the Agoz Carrying Case is useful for carrying other medications, too. Do you know someone who has to take medications each day at a certain time? Stop planning your outings around your medication schedule. It’s not fair to you! Safely place your medication in the Agoz Medicine Carrying Pouch and throw it in your bag, or wear it around your wrist. Carrying the case in your purse will ensure that children won’t get to the case and that the medication remains safe and confined.


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