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Don’t Call it a Come Back

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Jun 1, 2020

Don’t Call it a Come Back


We all remember the fanny pack craze of the late 80s & early 90s. Right? Well, it’s making a comeback and here’s why. Read on to find out more about the versatile uses of crossbody phone cases.

Serves as A Pocket

Once the laughingstock of 80s & 90s fashion, the fanny pack AKA the sling bag AKA the waist pack AKA the crossbody bag is making a comeback. In the social media driven mobile society we live in people are realizing that hands-free bags or packs are no longer an option but a virtual necessity. These bags allow you to wear them comfortably around your waist or sling it over your shoulder when you are on the go. They keep all your belonging organized and easy to access in traffic. Whether you need to carry your phone, headset, wallet and keys to the gym or passport, boarding pass and medications for your flight, crossbody bags have you covered.

Agoz Unisex Crossbody Bag lets you easily access and carry your gear.

Keep Everything in One Place

High school students, corporate professionals, vacationing families, and retired seniors… anyone can wear a fanny pack. The style itself is universal There are lots of styles to choose from and it’s available in different colors and sizes to suit every fanny pack fan.

The Agoz Crossbody is designed to be spacious without being bulky. With several different compartments, you can easily keep your keys, wallet, phone, headset, charging cable, and other small accessories on you without weighing yourself down.

Insurance Against Falls

Another option is the Agoz 091MOLLE Utility Pouch. Using a MOLLE (modular lightweight load-carrying equipment) system, you can attach these belts, backpacks, vests, and other gear. These bags are lightweight and extremely durable. Because of this, they are perfect for any outdoor activities, extreme sports, and any other adventures where you don’t want your travel bag to hold you back.

Don’t fight the fanny pack. Give in to your temptation and join the team. The fanny pack AKA waist bag AKA crossbody bag is back!


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