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About us

Our Core Values
  • Driven Excellence
    We desire to go above and beyond and deliver exceptional value to our customers, partners, employees and community.


  • Proactive Mindset
    We believe in tackling challenges head on to overcome them. We strongly believe innovation leads to higher achievement.


  • Exceptional Reputation
    We believe in honesty, integrity, and excellent product quality.


  • Innovative collaboration
    We encourage good teamwork in the workplace as it enables creativity and productivity and leads to innovation.


  • Altruism & Social responsibility
    We believe in giving back to the community and those around us. We aim to serve our local communities to help aid those in need.


Our Story

AgozTech was born out of a small passion project in Edgewater, NJ. What started as a
simple idea for charging solutions back in 2009 turned into a creative initiative to design
better industrial mobile accessories. In 2014, AgozTech launched its first product, a vegan
leather belt clip case created to securely hold cell phones under the brand AGOZ. Since
then, AgozTech has expanded to now offer over 100 products for scanners, POS devices,
smartphones, tablets, industrial tools, and other portable mobile devices. Today,
AgozTech is proud to deliver high quality products that help front-line workers perform
at their best.


AgozTech acquired its MFI Apple certification in 2019. When this cable was designed, it
was set out with a vision to create a reliable, durable, and high-end iPhone cable that
would effortlessly incorporate into people’s everyday carry.


AgozTech is inspired by people who contribute to create a better tomorrow. Its team
wants to be part of this contribution. That’s why AgozTech is committed to supporting
orphans’ education in Africa and Asia, building water well projects in Africa, and
helping close the social inequality gap.


Innovation for a better performance.

Mission Statement

We design high-quality products to empower front edge workers’ productivity in industries such as retail ecommerce, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, law enforcement, logistics and more. Protecting their mobile working devices. Making their daily tasks more comfortable and productive. Offering ergonomic accessories.


We are your front-edge workers’ partner helping to make their jobs more comfortable, efficient, and productive. From the design to the delivery of our products, we make sure to live up to our mission. From 2009 through today, our creative and passionate team continuously provides innovation to empower the front-line of businesses performance. Worldwide, where businesses and people find their success, AgozTech is there!

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