How To Tell If You Need New Wireless Headphones

What justifies the cost of a new pair of headphones? Actually, they can be picked up pretty reasonably, so you may not have to justify the purchase at all! If you still feel the need, however, there are numerous reasons for which to replace your beloved headphones.

One reason: If you still have the headphones that need wires to connect your ears to your phone. In this day and age of Bluetooth – that's simply unnecessary!

So, let's say you actually did invest in new, wireless headphones when or shortly after they became available. There are still good reasons for which to replace those headphones. Let's see if it's time for a change.

Performance That Worsens and Worsens

Much as with a car, once things start going wrong, it's a downhill ride. Due to malfunctioning electronics, some earphone products deteriorate. You can still use them, sure. But why when there are new and improved models available? Don't suffer with the failure to pair with devices, limited range, and more, even if they sound fine.

Maybe, compared to what your battery once was capable of, it only works for a fraction of the time. But it does work. It's time for replacement earphones! In fact, it's past time!

Comfort Is the Issue – Or Lack Thereof

If you are experiencing fatigue or soreness when you wear your wireless earphones, a new pair should be in your immediate future. Tip material and size are important for comfort. Your new earphones should come with a selection of foam and/or silicone tips.

Malfunctioning Audio Controls

If, to skip/pause/play tracks, it takes repeated attempts, or if your volume won't immediately adjust, your user experience is subpar. Simply upgrading may not solve your problem completely. A touch interface has replaced standard audio device controls giving people a much-improved experience. Remember, too, that not all technology works and plays well with others. Know your pairing capabilities.


To precisely fit your lifestyle, today's earphone technology was specially designed. If you're battling with tangled cords or are struggling to keep your earphones in, your needs will be better suited by updating. Today's earphones can stay inside your ear comfortably, there's no unwieldy cords, and they even come in noise canceling options.

Spotty or Static Bluetooth Connection

You're missing out on the sonic, improved Bluetooth performance of 4.0 if your earphones aren’t older than the 2.0 or 3.0 Bluetooth version. Not to mention a longer battery life. Additionally, if Bluetooth aptX low latency isn't featured on your pair of earphones, when playing games or watching movies, there's probably an audio delay.

There are lots of new models of headsets out there from which to choose.

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