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Linda Vivah

Software Engineer

New gadget find alert! Testing out my Wireless Bluetooth Headset from @agoztech whilst watching an AWS course on double speed ... & yes my kids are singing in the background 🤣 ⁣

Any one else like watching vids on double speed? Or am I a weirdo?⁣


I was looking for a wireless in ear that isn’t too pricey & that helps me quickly go back and forth from my laptop to my kids .... & I finally found it!⁣
....cuz ain’t nobody got time for wired headsets when protecting a 2 year old from hitting his head 🤣😅⁣

Courtney Wilson

Photographer & Blogger

You never know what you’re going to run into spring hiking 🤦🏼‍♀️ Got pretty beat down on this one, but walked away 15m closer to the ADK46 🤙🏽 BTW: Fanny packs are soo in and this @agoztech pouch is perfect to plane my phone on hikes like these!📱







Diana Lopez



Thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway!
Special Thank you @agoztech for this amazing giveaway!!! A huge congratulations to @thesynfulbearfor winning the grand prize of a playstation 4, Agoz camouflage dualshock charging station and an Agoz braided camouflage Micro-USB cable!
Another big congratulations to our second place winner @saiyajinqueen ! She will receive an Agoz camouflage dualshock 4 charging station! Thank you to everyone who entered! Keep watch for more giveaways this summer!!




DeMarcus Paul


Keep pushing forward and always have self preservation!






Spencer Nuzzi


Super rad pro-rider @hatespencernuzzi who also loves video games, putting the #agoztech#camouflage tactical bag to good use!
What sports do you guys play? Leave an emoji for what sport you play in the comments! ⚽️🥎⚾️🏓🥋🏄‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏂🛹




Meg Harrell

Family Travel Guider

I discovered the perfect brand to help this workin momma MULTITASK! I am always on my phone. I am answering emails, looking up a recipe while cooking, Facetiming my family, or doing LIVE videos on social media. Sometimes I multitask all of those activities at once and more! Someone like me needs the perfect hands free device and I finally found a quality one with Agoz Tech. They have tons of other tech savvy accessories to make your life easier. Check out thier latest giveaway to win some sweet merch!


Colin Varanyak


Locked and loaded! The @agoztech iPhone holder is light, quick and easy. Right now @agoztech is doing a free $100 giveaway with a bunch of different tech goodies, all you have to do is click the link in my bio to sign up! .






Berlyn Neumann


Love my @agoztech Mini Bluetooth Headset! So sleek, simple and easy to wear all day. #agoz #agoztech #agozlifestyle #Ad








Steven Senko

Marketing Director

Lifestyle choices. Choose wisely and you will succeed 👌•










An other day end! Long week for me! Really busy! Sorry for my inactivity! Will be able to catch up tomorrow! :-) ❤️ @powera_gaming love that controller a lot! Thank you guys!

Love my new charger for my poke ball from @agoztech ❤️








Ever try to use your phone as it's charging? Not a such great idea if the cord isn't long enough! 🤨 #ad
That's why I'm loving this USB-C cable by @agoztech. It's long enough to reach my outlet, fast charging, durable, and flexable.💕 ⁣

The braided-nylon fiber jacket makes anti-tangle so you can say good bye to bunching and knots! PLUS this shade of blue is so chic! ⁣💁🏻‍♀️ Make sure to head over to @agoztech to learn more!