Wireless Sports Headset


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Wireless Sports Headset

About the Agoz Wireless Sports Headset

Are you tired of constantly losing your headphones? Finding the perfect pair of headphones can be tough. Small headphones like Airpods are nice, but they are expensive and easy to lose. The Agoz Wireless Sports Headset is easy to connect to your device via B luetooth, and provides excellent sound quality without breaking the bank. If you are sick of your headphone wires getting stuck in your pocket, or you just want to be handsfree, this headset is for you.


The Agoz Wireless Sports Headset connects both earbuds while still providing you high quality, wireless sound. With up to 6 hours of playback time, you won’t need to constantly be charging your headphones before going out.

The Agoz Wireless Sports Headset is built with an Airoha AB1522 chipset, which helps the sound quality on the headset be crystal clear. The built-in 80mAH battery gives the headset 120 hours of standby time, in addition to 6 hours of playback time. On top of this, the Agoz Wireless Sports Headset only takes 2 hours to charge!


Complete wireless headphones are uncomfortable in your ear and super easy to lose if you don’t take good care of them. The Agoz Sports Headset has a wire that connects the two earbuds, but it’s only long enough to fit around your head; it won’t get in the way if you’re biking, hiking, or doing another outdoor activity.


Wireless Sports Headset

Bluetooth compatible



2-hour charging time

6-hour playback time

120 hours standby time

Wireless Sports Headset

Premium Quality

he Agoz Sports Headset was created to make your life easier, which not compromising on sound quality. The Headset features an Airoha Ab1522 chipset, noise reduction technology, and in-line control. You can adjust the volume directly from the headset, instead of having to do everything on your phone.


Using the Agoz Sports Headset is easy. Be sure to charge the headset for 2 hours before the first use. Then, turn on the headset, and turn on Bluetooth on your device. Pair the headset to your device via your phone’s Bluetooth settings, and that’s it!

Wireless Sports Headset

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