Why Buy Branded Mobile Accessories?

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Imagine having only 2% percent on your phone and you need to make an important call. You might be going on a trip, using your GPS but suddenly your phone is at 1%. You have no charger at reach so what will you do? It is a natural instinct to quickly drive to the nearest dollar store to buy a cable, or drive up to the closest gas station to buy a cheap cable. However, have you taken into account that you might be damaging or reducing the lifespan of your device?

According to a report from firefighters in Buffalo New York, from 2009-2017 over 200 explosions have occurred due to charging overheating. We are talking about over 200 homes destroyed and over 200 families that have lost everything. As years pass by technology advances. Devices such as phones and tablets are constantly in our use, the more we use our devices the faster the battery can reduce. It is important to take into consideration the device accessories we purchase and use. When we go to the dollar store and buy general accessories we do not think about the damage the item can do to our devices.


Cables can be one of the main accessories that we often buy anywhere. Most cables may appear the same or look very similar but, they are not. Some brand accessories such as Apple should have a certification confirming that the item is safe to use and follows the technical specifications. Agoz cables are MFI certified, which means that Apple has certified our cables to be safe and suitable for your devices. Do not risk your devices from getting ruined with generic cables. Quality is not based on price but quality is the priority. Experience fast charging and great quality features of our Agoz USB cables. Don’t risk your device battery using generic products. When buying tech accessories for your cell phone make sure they are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

When it comes to charging your devices we have to keep in mind we don’t only use the cable. In order for our devices to charge we use wall adapters to connect our cables. Wall adapters may all look the same but if we were to open each one of them we would be able to see the true defects of general wall adapters.


If we put a generic adapter next to an original adapter we could see the difference in the quality of its different parts. The outlet resistance of a very low-quality adapter will not be the same. This is one of the main reasons why our devices might stop functioning. AgozTech ensures to provide a high-quality wall adapter that even supports fast charging. Many general wall adapter will not support fast charging cables. You might have the best quality fast charging cable but that does not mean that the wall adapter you have will support it. So don’t rush to your closest corner store to buy a generic wall adapter. Invest a little more in better quality accessories for more durable devices. According to BCC, not all unbranded accessories are bad, but unfortunately, most of them are.


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